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birra del borgo


Plato 13,1°

IBU 34


5.0% 0,33 L

Plato 13,1°

IBU 34

Light aroma of flowers and citrus fruit. Honey notes and medium intense hints of hops in the taste.


Matching food:

  • FishFish
  • SaladSalad
  • SeafoodSeafood
  • DessertsDesserts
  • Soft cheesesSoft cheeses

Suitable glasses:

  • [:lt]Tulpės formos taurė[:et]Tulbikujuline õlleklaas[:en]TulipTulip



The great “Birra del Borgo” adventure started in Borgorose – a small village in central Italy – in 2005. Now they have two breweries, both working and creating amazing new beer recipes. And here they have the most appreciated and well-known beers, which are now classics in “Birra del Borgo’s” production. These are the brews they love the most: the recipes that have made “Birra del Borgo” famous all over the world! They share passion as a key element, which brewers consider an essential ingredient. They really put a piece of heart in each one of them