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California lager

Plato 12,4°

IBU 32

4.9% 0,355 L

Plato 12,4°

IBU 32

Malty, fruity and slightly grainy aroma with herbal, floral notes and hints of caramel. Fruity taste with notes of bread and hops.


Matching food:

  • ChickenChicken
  • Spicy dishesSpicy dishes
  • PizzaPizza
  • BurgerBurger
  • Matured cheesesMatured cheeses

Suitable glasses:

  • [:lt]Lagerio taurė[:et]Laagriõlle klaas[:en]LagerLager



Anchor brewery was founded back in 1896 in San Francisco, California (USA) and currently is the first and oldest brewery in America, reminiscent of the gold rush era. This is one of the few breweries still making the traditional beer of California, called Steam Beer. Anchor brewery, a craft beer pioneer, to this day remains one of the most traditional breweries in the US, and its most famous beer is still manufactured using manual labour and traditional brewing methods.